Purpose-Driven Probate

A guide to purposeful decisions that keep your probate journey from becoming a horror story... by honoring your families’ legacy, avoiding conflicts, and helping you move through grief.

This book includes...

  • Mental preparedness techniques to keep you grounded in your goals
  • Honest information about what you should expect from the legal system
  • Guidance on how to get started with probate legalities
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About The BOBA Group
Spokane Real Estate Specialists

Hi, I’m Stan Orlowski, and I bought my first Spokane home in 1983. Since then, I have been working with families who need to escape difficult circumstances. 

I've always had a desire to assist other people, and I am fortunate enough to work in real estate where I get to do that every day. What I enjoy most is seeing the anxiety and tension melt away after families discover there are choices available to them.

Most individuals are unaware that there are many alternatives to their problems; they don't know where to start. And that's where I come in - I assist clients in exploring all of their choices and selecting the best solution for their individual situations.

My goal is to handle every case with care and compassion, and I work swiftly and efficiently to make the process as simple as possible. Probate is unique for each person, and I think that in order for families to flourish, they require a group of specialists who are similar-minded and able to focus on their goals rather than their own. However, it's even more essential to have a servant leadership mentality in both life and business.

As a baby boomer myself,  I have experienced the highs and lows of the housing market both as a seller and a buyer - and I understand the importance of having someone who listens to your needs, provides honest advice and negotiates on your behalf. 

When not helping clients, I work on my personal fitness objectives and spend quality time with my family and grandchildren.

If you're looking for an experienced, knowledgeable, and ethical real estate professional in Spokane, please don't hesitate to call me. I'd be happy to discuss your needs and see how I can help.

"...What a relief! Spokane Probate Specialists quickly came to the storage facility, loaded and distributed everything I had from my brother’s estate. The best part is that it didn’t cost me a thing and I feel that these things will help someone..."
- Randy Marrero

"...It's been a difficult time for us and we really appreciate working with you and we are really happy you were also able to work with our legal counsel that was not on board upfront but it all turned out magnificently well. I really appreciated working with you."
- Gary Peterson