8 tips on how to mentally prepare yourself for probate

In the case of probate court, the phrase “knowledge is power” couldn’t be more true. Mental preparation can be a shield of armor for you and your family while you are already going through the grieving process – empowering you to avoid real-life horror stories that can cost you your inheritance, or worse, the relationships you have with your family members. 

It is important to realize that added stress put on your mind, heart, and body can actually draw out the healing process, causing increased grief and heartache, even pausing the natural process altogether. 

The #1 Tool In Your Arsenal – Your Mind

Mental preparation is a key technique used not only by athletes and high achieving entrepreneurs but is also an effective tool in everyday life… from starting a new diet or job to making large decisions or even facing the death of a loved one.

A strong mindset is a weapon that can help you avoid the outcome of losing your inheritance or family relationships. But what does “mental preparation” actually mean? It means understanding the environment, preparing yourself for different scenarios, and having a plan to overcome whatever comes at you. 

For example: If I were getting ready to go scuba diving, I would know that the ocean is a completely different environment than land. There are many unknowns such as sharks and jellyfish, but there are also things you can prepare for like decompression sickness or hypothermia. 

In order to keep me safe while underwater and have the best experience possible, it would be important for me to know the area I am diving in, understand the potential hazards, and have a plan of action if something were to go wrong. 

The same is true when you are facing tough times. You need to be aware of what could happen, prepare yourself emotionally and mentally for different outcomes, and have a game plan for how you will handle yourself if a certain situation were to arise. 

These mental preparation techniques are designed to help you avoid the horror stories of others and maintain your sanity and peace of mind in the midst of whatever is happening in your life. 

8 tips on how to mentally prepare yourself for probate:

  1. Know the Environment and Potential Hazards – Learn About Probate Court, Spousal Rights, & More
  2. Surround yourself with positive, trustworthy people – your environment will have a big impact on your mindset
  3. Stay organized – keep track of all important documents and communications
  4. Be proactive, not reactive – Have a plan for what you will do if something unexpected happens 
  5. Take care of yourself emotionally and physically – eat well, exercise, get enough sleep…
  6. Read books and listen to podcasts that will empower you, like scripture, motivational speakers, or mindset coaches 
  7. Keep a daily journal and tune into grief resources around you
  8. Anxiety and fear are normal, but you don’t have to let them control your thoughts or actions. Know that it is okay for things to feel overwhelming at times. The goal of these mental preparation techniques is to help you stay strong & self-aware in whatever situation comes up. 

Getting probate help should be easy

Going through probate here in Spokane can be tough, and you shouldn’t have to do it alone. There are resources available to help you make purposeful decisions and keep you and your family from being taken advantage of in your unique situation. Click here to schedule a worry-free conversation and get all of your questions answered.

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